How do I use ONE City Card?
In most circumstances, showing you are a member via our member portal or if you have one your physical card will be enough, some partners may require proof of identity of the member. It is advisable to announce the fact you're using the membership when booking, this will allow the partner to advise you if there is special restrictions on that day.
  Where can I use it?
You can easily see where you can use ONE City Card via our member portal
  How is one different to other discount or voucher providers?
Simple, we are not a voucher provider working with our merchant partners we have secured member benefits which you can use over and over again, so say goodbye to vouchers when you have ONE in your pocket.
  Do I get a physical card?
In an effort to be environmentally friendly we have developed a digital version of our membership which can be accessed via our member portal
  The place I want to go has a direct discount the same as yours, why should I buy One?
Your time is precious, wouldn't you prefer to just know you can use One card rather than hunt yourself for discounts? Most places will do direct discounts at some point, some only for a limited period. We take the hassle away for searching for these discounts, and add many more throughout the year. One combines many discounts, privileges and benefits for its members all in one card.
  What is included in the discounts?
The percentage discount offered is for the services offered, if not otherwise stated this will be from the base rate of the product. For restaurants and bars, your discount is from the entire bill, this includes all food and beverages.
  What restrictions are there?
The One card is not restricted in usage, however certain partners may require advance booking to use your membership, it is advised you announce you're using your membership when making bookings with our partners. Certain partners may implement black out periods such as public holidays, religious celebrations or publicly celebrated days, please check before use.
  Can I use One with other promotions?
No, your One membership will only be accepted on services that are not already discounted by the partner or in conjunction with other voucher / discount providers.
  Can it be used in happy hours?
It is advisable to check with the individual partner if they are accepting during their special promotions, most partners will offer selected products which are already discounted and as such no further discount will be applied.
  Can I use it for brunches?
Yes, however partners may at some stage run internal promotions which discount the price of the brunch, in this case the card will not be accepted on an already discounted product. Please always check when booking in case your membership cannot be used on that day.
  How many people does it cover?
You can you use your ONE card for the entire table, unless otherwise stated by the merchant partner. ONE City Pass holders you can only use it for a maximum of four people.
  Can I use my membership for Golf everyday?
Yes, your membership entitles you to 2-4-1 golf everyday of the week, discounted from the rack-rate golf prices and after 12pm unless otherwise stated.
  Can I use my annual membership to get free shoe and club hire?
No, only members holding the One Traveller Card will be entitled to free shoe and club hire.
  How do I get my Careem discount?
Careem requires the use of a discount code, to get your code you will need to be a member, and use our member portal. Once logged in you will be able to request a Careem discount code to use in their app.
  I didn't get the full Careem discount?
Careem operates their discounts on a percentage cap basis. This means that if your fare is less than the capped rate your ride will be discounted by the percentage discount, otherwise only the capped rate will be removed.
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